911 Trial

by Mark R. Elsis


The solution to have a 911 trial came to me back in 2003, and I did quite a lot of work on it. Since there was never allowed to be a jury trial for a 911 trial, something I already foresaw in 2003, this will help make up for that travesty of silence, and restore honor.

Most of us were brought up to believe that a trial by a jury of one's peers is the best way to uncover the truth when a crime has been committed. With that in mind, and 6,400,000 USD, we could create a real 911 trial, streamed, archived and a documentary.

We will bring up every aspect from both the government / media side, and the side disputing this narrative. Meticulous planning, to the best of our ability, will be undertaken to ensure that there's 100% fairness, accuracy and honesty, for both sides.

The 911 trial will take place within a big, beautiful, historic courtroom There will be two judges, one per side, eight lawyers, four per side, a twelve person jury (with one alternative), two stenographers and one courtroom deputy clerk. There will also be a team of investigators with secretaries for each side, to find and assemble all of their witnesses and evidence. The large courtroom will have a media section, seating for 144 spectators or more, and the area for five cameras with tripods.

We will bring together 216 witnesses, to testify under oath. The government / media narrative will have 108 witnesses and the 911 truth narrative will have 108 witnesses. The 216 witnesses will be given 60 minutes to testify. Each will testify for 45 minutes, then 8 minutes for a cross examination, with a 3 minute rebuttal, then a final 2 minute second cross examination, with a 2 minute rebuttal. This should lead to about 216 hours of video testimony. Each side will have 2.5 hours for both opening and closing statements.

The 911 trial is a 50 day shoot, 44 with witnesses, 2 for jury selection, 2 for openings and closings and 2 for jury deliberation before the verdict. All 250 hours will be streamed out live and archived. It will edited for both nightly and weekly summaries. The trial, archive and documentary will be in three sections: Pre 911 / 911 / Post 911.

At the conclusion of the 911 trial, subscribers will be able to fully deliberate just like the jury and then cast their vote at: 911Trial.com. The online jury of people from every country on Earth will also be able vote, after being verified. There will be millions of votes tallied, perhaps more. There will be no hiding from the truth uncovered.

The complete 250 hours of the 911 trial, including the summaries will be available for subscribers to stream on demand. Together with an honest, empowering way for subscribers to decide their cost, called: Choose your honest economic grade.

An Executive Producer or Producers are needed that want the world to have a 911 trial. With a 6,400,000 USD investment, this extremely important project will become a reality. Investors interested in the cost breakdown and shooting schedule can email me by clicking on my name at the top of this page.

If a Producer can't be found, the other way I will seek to fund the 911 trial, is to set up a crowdsourcing page and through social media, interviews and 911Trial.com, ask for concerned people worldwide to, choose their honest economic grade.

I have also done all the work to figure out if there were 108 witnesses, instead of the 216 that I have already documented. With 108 witnesses, the 911 trial would be a 25 day shoot, with 150 hours streamed and archived. The budget would be 4,600,000 USD.

Personally, I prefer the 911 trial with 216 witnesses. For only 1,800,000 USD more, you get another 108 witness, with a total of 250 hours vs. 150 hours. This would bring forth all of the possible evidence from both sides, and would leave no stone unturned.

Help me put forth the 911 trial, so this vital information will be known to all, forever. Doing so could change the course of history, toward a cooperation amongst humanity.